We teach all students that have an interest in drums and percussion, both adults and kids.
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Teaching Style

We teach all students that have an interest in drums and percussion, both adults and kids. Typically private lessons start at age 6 however we have had success with kids as young as 4. Drum Chicago recommends group classes for kids age 3-5. With younger kids it’s all about having a great time and introducing them to new sounds and new concepts.

For kids ages 5-15 we really want to show them everything percussion related. Because of my love for World Music I have a large collection of drums from all over the world including djembes and dunduns from West Africa, doumbeks picked up in Israel and Turkey, Indian tabla, Brazilian drums of all sizes, congas, bongos, timbales, frame drums, shakers, scrapers, whistles and flutes. So while drum set is our ‘main’ instrument, I think it is very important to learn as much as you possibly can about all things drum related. I also take a realistic approach to the future of music and highly encourage students of all ages to learn electronics. We teach students to record and learn sound layering with Garage Band and Pro Tools (for advanced students). Through the use of instruments like Dr. Groove, Roland Octapad an Korg Kaossilators, we introduce electronic drum composition and programming, commonly found in a lot of the hip-hop, dance and pop music heard all over the iTunes charts.

High school, college students and adults play drums and take lessons because they really have a love for it. It is so great to teach people that have decided that music and percussion is something that they want to be an important part of their life. We work with each adult on an individual basis to figure out what it is that they would like to accomplish, whether it is to pick back up an old hobby from the past, to get good enough to join a band or to learn a new style of drumming.


Chris Gangi and Marshall Greenhouse team up to teach ‘Future of Rock’ classes. Each session will run eight weeks and will be a 75 minute class/jam each week. The class is set-up in the same fashion as a professional rock band. Aside from learning our favorite cover songs and writing our own original music, Chris and I will teach the group all the other important aspects of being in a Rock band such as: how to create a band name and image, how to promote yourself, create a webpage and facebook band page, how to book a gig, create posters and a get a crowd out.

We have had such success with our first Rock Band class that the group is now a fully functioning, gigging band called El Stoppers. El Stoppers have a full set list of original music and has already performed Lincoln Hall, Martyrs, Uncommon Ground and the Bash on Wabash street festival. Last year we started a group called The 4th Rail that has since performed at Lincoln Hall and House of Blues.

We are also currently looking to start another band for kids aged 10-13. Currently looking for a guitarist, keyboard player and singer.