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We teach all students that have an interest in drums and percussion, both adults and kids.
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AfroZep originated in 2009 with the mission to spread African music to wider audiences while paying tribute to the greatest Heavy Rock band of all time. Some tunes are straight mash-ups of Fela Kuti and Zeppelin, others are Zep tunes but set to original grooves based off the music of artists such as Tinariwen, Thomas Mapfumo and Franco and others are stripped down Zeppelin arrangements injected with the pulse of traditional African drumming.


KAVA creates a huge live sound without the use of any pre-recorded tracks. They have often been compared to 60s era groups like (Ozzy era) Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd, but also fuse modern elements heard in groups ranging from Tool and Queens of the Stone Age to Animal Collective and Tame Impala.